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Image Code Author Caption Location City Country
0000858 Michele da Verona (c. 1470-c. 1544) Mucius Scaevola Musei Civici Treviso Italy
0000859 Guardi, Francesco (1712-1793) View with the Island of San Giorgio Musei Civici Treviso Italy
0000865 Roman art Island of the Blessed or Ariadne and Bacchus Casa sul Celio (House on the Coelian Hill) Rome Italy
0000919 ******** Inlaid table with vases and flowers Palazzo Pitti Florence Italy
0000921 ******** Saint Thomas Baptistery Florence Italy
0000955 Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640) Christ Risen, c. 1616 Galleria Palatina Florence Italy
0000970 Vasari, Giorgio (1511-1574) Terrace of Saturn Palazzo Vecchio Florence Italy
0000973 ******** Exterior Church of San Vitale Ravenna Italy
0000979 ******** Piazza della Cisterna ******** San Gimignano Italy
0001011 Giovanni da Modena (fl. 1409-1455) Journey of the Three Kings - (servants with jugs) San Petronio Bologna Italy
0001053 ******** Codex Squarcialupi, illuminated page Biblioteca Laurenziana (Laurentian Library) Florence Italy
0001132 ******** Venerable Old Woman and Saint Petronilla the Martyr Catacombs of Domitilla Rome Italy
0001173 Giusto de' Menabuoi (14th cent.) Christ Driving the Merchants Out of the Temple Baptistery Padua Italy
0001174 Giusto de' Menabuoi (14th cent.) Presentation in the Temple Baptistery Padua Italy
0001175 Giusto de' Menabuoi (14th cent.) Madonna Enthroned and Saints Baptistery Padua Italy
0001176 Giusto de' Menabuoi (14th cent.) Nativity of the Virgin Baptistery Padua Italy
0001180 Giusto de' Menabuoi (14th cent.) Adoration of the Magi Baptistery Padua Italy
0001213 Carena, Felice (1880-1976) The Artist's Studio Gallery of Modern Art Florence Italy
0001219 ******** Scenes from the Story of Noah's Ark: the Animals Coming Out from the Ark after the Flood Saint Mark's Basilica Venice Italy
0001220 Padovanino (Varotari, Alessandro 1588-1648) Rape of Europa Pinacoteca Nazionale Siena Italy